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Wise SMS

A hopeful person feels
a chance in every difficulty

Agr tum usy na paa sakoo jisy tum chahty ho
To use zaror pa lena jo tumnhy chahta hy
Q k chahny se, Chahy jany ka Ehsas Zyada Khoobsurat hy.

Allah Taalah ka farmaan hy agr koee jawaan larka kisee jawaan larkee ko dakh kar apnee nazar jhukaa day gaa..
Main ussi waqt uskaa nikkah jannat ki hur say 7 bar farmaa dun gaa

Be not angry that you cannot make others as you wish them to be, since you cannot make yourself as you wish to be.

Feelingz r not supposed 2 b logical,
Dangerous iz da man
Who has downsize hiz emotion

It's not that some people have willpower and some don't.
It's that some people are ready 2 change and others are not

Life does not provide Warranties nd Guarantees
it only provides possibilities nd opportunities
4 those who dare 2 make best use of it!

Life is made of small jumps over great obstacles. it's in the courage of getting thru them that makes life challenging & exciting.

Life iz not measured by breaths we take in a moment but by moments that take our breaths away.

Pearl of life time
Do not judge ur close 1 by da way they speak,
Judge them by da way they care,
coz care iz the outcome of right Love..

Successs iz like ur own shadow, if u try 2 catch then u ll never succeed,
ignore it & walk in ur own way.. it wil follow you.

Though we r in the same clockv cant meet,
Even if we meet its only 4 few secs.
but we nevr seperate.....

We can not afford 2 wait
Da storm has passed.
We must learn 2 work in rain as well

what ever u r,where ever u r,think so, u r going to set sweet example for others

when the time comes for u to give
your heart 2 someone,
make sure that u select someone who
will never break ur heart,
coz broken hearts have no spare parts.

When the time comes for you to give
your heart to someone
make sure that u select someone who
will never break your heart
coz broken hearts have no spare parts.