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Sorry SMS

< ( . . )> S o r r y
( v )
(,,) again!

4give You Again ???
For All The Times u Made Me Cry??
For All The Things u Said About Me?
For All The Crap u Started?
For Stabing Me In The Back??
No I Wont 4give u ,
Not This Time

As I feel the tear go down my cheek,
I notice that my heart is weak,
For the love I have 4 u,
I have made some mistakes,
But know my love will always last,
Even though we r a distance apart,
You alwayz have the key to my heart.

Familiez wid babies & families wid out r so sorry 4 each other-
Most of the truths r so naked dat people feel sorry abt them & cover them up, atleast a little bit.

I am sorry 4 blaming u... 4r everything I just couldn't do And I've hurt myself by hurting u
There's nothing I wouldn't do 2 hear ur voice again Sometimes, I want 2 call u, but I know u won't be there
It's hard 2 say goodbye when i

I guess it is too late
You weren't lying at all
Now that Im replaced
No reason to stand tall
I wish this didn't happen
You found another one.
I didn't mean to get in the way,
Im really sorry,
Guess u and me are done..

I Know How Angry u r ...
Wat u Must B Going Through
So i Hope , u Know
How Sorry I m 4 All
That Happens Between Us ...
Please Forgive Me

If I ve done anything I am sorry 4, I m willing to b forgiven

I'm sorry I hurt u,
In that regretful way.
Please forgive me
For what I did that day.

I'm sorry may not mean that much to u,
but it means a lifetime of our relationship to me
Please forgive me ?

Remember da gud timez we spent 2gether & da beautyful future we dreamed off...
Dear I nvr wanted 2 create a distance between us...
Plz let us bridge da gaps...

Sorry abbreviates
O->1 Iz,
Have a great day

When u realize u've made a mistake, make amends immediately.
It's easier to eat crow while it's still warm.