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Marriage SMS

Getting married iz very much like going 2 a restaurant wid friendz. U order what u want,
& when u see what da other fellow has, u wish u had ordered dat.

A sardar owned a factory.
He issued orders dat only married
men would be employed.
Emplyes asks: Why you implement this rule ?
Srdar replied:
coz married men r more obedient than un married.

Be4 marriage:
Roses are red, sky is blue.
U r beautiful, I luv u.
After marriage:
Roses are dead, I'm blue.
U r my headache, one day I'll kill u.

Dere was dis guy who told his woman dat he loved her
so much dat he would go through hell for her.
They got married & now he iz going through hell.

From this day forward
You shall not walk alone
My heart will be your shelter
And my arms will be your home.

Husband askz, do u knw da meaning of wife.
it meanz... wid out - informtion - fighting - every time!
Wife on hearng dis sayz, it could also mean - wid idiot forever!

In this world, every wife iz a mistress 2 her husband.
One hour of Miss and 23 hours of stress..

Man before Marriage is like Airtel
Aisi Azaadi Aor Kahaan
After Marriage He?s Like Hutch
Whereever U Go Our Network Follows.

Q: Y do couples hold handz during their wedding?
A: Its a formality just like 2 boxers shaking their hands b4 da fight beginz!

The most dangerous food a man can eat iz wedding cake

There is a way of transferring funds
That is even faster than net banking.
It is called marriage.

To keep ur marriage brimming
With love in the marriage cup,
Whenever u're wrong, admit it,
Whenever u're right,
shut up..

Y a man carrzy his wifes photo in the purse?
coz when ever he faces any trouble,he sees the photo n thinks-If I can handle DIS i can handle any prpblem