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Cute SMS

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A Beautyful Girl Goes to Skin Specialist Doctor and Asks:
Mujhey Apney Jisam Se Bohat Piyar Hai, So Mujhey Nahaaney
Se Pehlay Kiya Lagaana Chahiye..?
Doctor: Bath room Kee Kundee.

A girl phoned me the other day and said..."Come on over, there's nobody home." I went over. Nobody was home

A memory is golden, maybe that is true. I never wanted memories. I only wanted you sweet as a rose, cute as a kitten is what you are.

A memory lasts for ever and never does it die. True friendz stay together & never say gud byeee.

A memory lasts forever, and never does it die. True friends stay together & never say good bye...

A Perfect Gift for U today
Absoloutely at no Cost,
Silent Peformance,
Extremly Personal,
Fully Returnable
it's a SMILE from me.
Enjoy and take care

Birdy birdy on the sky droppd a poopy in my eye, I don't worry I don't cry, I'm just happy , cows cannot fly!

Ek bar Papu Gngubhai k ghar jata hy or darwaza knock krta hy
Gangubhai: Kaun?
Papu: May!
Gangubhai: May kaun?
Papu: Tuu Gangubhai!

Forgive my eyes for admiring your beauty. you stole my heartthe moment you looked at meee, call me crazzy call me insaneee every timeee my heart beats it mentions your name.

I always knew that looking back on my tears would someday make me laugh,
but i never knew that looking back on my laughter would someday make me cry.
miss you alot dear

I always thought loving sumone was the best feeling, but I realized the loving a friend is even better, we lose people we love people but we nevr lose true friends.

I am out of my mind. Will be Back in five minutes

I get so emotional when you are not around,
I think the emotion is called happiness

I have a new camera
your snap please...
don't move
smile please
those who live in someones heart can't have a snap!!!

I m feeling so happy, do u know why? becoz i am so lucky, do you know how? becoz God lovez me.Do you know how? becoz he gave me a gift. Do you know what? its yoU my love.

If you are in a dark room,
yoU find blood everywhere &
walls are shaking
dont worry friend.....
you are at da safest place
you are in my heart....

Im a paper, you can write your feelingz, scribble your anger, use me to absorb your tears,
But dont throw me after use bcoz when you feel cold i'll burn my self to warm you.

Im afraid to close my eyes becoz I might think of you.
Im afraid to open them becoz I might see you.
Im afraid to move my lips becoz I might speak of you.
Im afraid to listen becoz I might hear my heart fall for you.

In the morning I do not eat bcoz I think of you, at noon I do not eat bcoz I think of you, in the evening I do not eat bcoz I think of you, at night I do not sleep becose I'm hungry.

It is a curious thought, but it is only when you see people looking ridiculous that you realize just how much you love them.